Who We Are

Adullam is a platform connecting believers all over the world. Our mission is to have members all over the globe who are not just professing their faith but acting it out everyday within their communities. We seek to uplift the name of Jesus by implementing change everywhere from small town villages to metropolitan cities. We believe the CHURCH is much larger than a physical building or a denomination. The CHURCH is a universal organism made up of an unbroken chain of those who have gone before us. This linage links such leaders as the great Apostle Paul and Peter down to the early church fathers like St. Augustine, Martin Luther and John Wesley and to us today. It even expands to those who are awaiting a birthdate to come down and be born and play their role in His-story. Adullam does not seek to replace the brick-and-mortar church. We believe in the efficacy of the human touch and the need for believers to occupy physical space together. However, we also believe we can be members of a local church and be part of a global movement as well. Lastly Adullam seeks to stand in the gap to be an alternative for the non-church goer who may not feel comfortable in a formal setting.

Adullam is supported by and is the mission arm of New Victory Temple Church in Daingerfield, Texas. It is the hope of NVTC that Adullam will win hearts for Christ, advocate for the oppress, make disciples of others, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and pray with the broken hearted.