What does it mean to “Walk in the Spirit”

As life happens, we experience joy, blessings, trials, hardships, and sorrows. How we successfully navigate through these times depends upon our walk with Christ.

We rely on God’s word for guidance in our lives. The Bible gives us direction, and it acts as our map. Our personal relationship with Him is like our navigation system. A close relationship with Christ is the only way we know the small, simple moves that He wants us to make.

We recognize our friend’s and family’s voices because of the time spent communicating with them. It is the same with Christ. Our relationship with Him is built through prayer, worship, and meditation which increase our faith. It takes faith along with patience to listen for His direction when we are accustomed to traveling through life using our own guidance.

Walking in the Spirit is simply listening when Christ speaks, meditating on His word, obeying His direction and acknowledging our reliance upon Him. -Cathy Morrow

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