Was I Prepared?

By: Gwen Boyd

In life we go through good and bad times, but the ones we can never forget are those we can’t explain. That is why so many Christians misunderstand God’s purpose in their lives. God’s plan is to elevate us through our experiences to grow closer to Him. In Numbers 22:21-35, there was a prophet who was going out of town with two servants on a donkey. Three times the donkey refused to go in the direction the prophet wanted him to go. The prophet became frustrated and angry and beat the donkey. Finally, God allowed the donkey to speak. The donkey asked, “why have you beaten me three times?” The prophet answered saying, “I told you to go this way and you didn’t.” The donkey replied, “don’t you see the angel standing there ready to kill you?” Finally, the prophet was able to see the angel and knew right away he had sinned against God. Sometimes we’re just like the prophet unable to get over some obstacles. God at times will block us for our protection which includes preventing us from doing things we are not yet prepared for.

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