By: YuLondra Wallace

Lord, I want to take the time to Thank You for giving me the chance to inhale You into my lungs and exhale all of the toxic things out of me. It is a blessing to be able to take in life and think on how much I am truly blessed. Lord, You woke me up this morning and I’m so Thankful. Thank You for allowing me to get up with my health and strength. Thank You for putting a new song into my heart. Lord, I will continually praise Your Holy name all the day long. There is no other song that I would want to sing if it isn’t praising You. Thank you for getting me started on my way today. Thank You for leading me beside the still water. Thank said that I would be like the trees planted by the rivers who’s leaves shall not wither but whatsoever I do I shall prosper. Thank You for the blessings that You have given to me and the blessings that are still yet to come. Lord let me be a blessing to someone on this day. Send me someone that I can tell all about Your goodness and mercy, someone who may be lost but seeking that one thing the world can’t give to them. Lord that one thing is You. Lord, You are the only one who can satisfy our souls. I know that someone had to be praying for me because I’m still here. Thank You for the prayer warriors that said prayers over my life even when I wasn’t praying for myself.

Thank You Lord!

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