One Touch

Have you ever seen a baby crying and immediately stop after being picked up or a person having

received bad news when touched with a hug or pat on the back, the encounter eased their pain

and gave them hope? Well, we all are longing and looking for that touch of hope. In Luke 8:46

Jesus said, “ Someone touched me for I perceive that power has gone from me.” In this instance,

the woman with the issue of blood desperately wanted a single touch from Jesus in hope of being

healed. In Matthew 9:29, Jesus touch two blind men eyes and said, “according to your faith let it be

done to you” and their sight was restored. The blind men only wanted a touch. Mark 16:18 lets us

know that we will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Jesus has given us the power to heal

with a touch from a kind word or a touch by laying on of hands with prayer for healing. All we need is

a touch.

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