Not Eye for an Eye but Love at Whatever Cost

Philosopher Bara Dada once said, “Jesus is ideal and wonderful, but you Christians, you are not like Him.” I recently got into an argument with a heretic relative over theology. I was righteously angry because he was spouting untruths that I was afraid might influence other family members to stray from the faith. Later, many days past, I prayed and asked God about the situation and how could I reach my relative. I thought of course many scriptures in which to do battle against this enemy of the faith, but that did not give me peace. While praying, I could sense God letting me know that the content of what I said was right, but the way I said it and even more importantly why I said it were completely wrong. I was more concerned with trying to win an argument when instead I should have focused on loving the person. If I had approached it from that perspective, perhaps I could have convinced him of the truth. However, because my heart was not in the right place I spoiled an opportunity. Remember theology doesn’t save anyone. You can win the argument and completely turn the person off and lose the soul. Let’s reflect the nature and character of our Lord. Love ultimately conquers all. We should focus on people feeling accepted and loved by God and us. Let’s stop trying to win whether this means winning a theological debate, or winning in the market place, or some other endeavor that feeds the ego. Let’s not return tit for tat. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.

2 thoughts on “Not Eye for an Eye but Love at Whatever Cost”

  1. This is so important to remember when we are confronted by those who are skeptical or just don’t believe! At the end I do want them to feel “loved by God and us”! ????????????????


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