News / Announcements


1. Two Fish & Five Loaves provided over $500 of supplies for women’s shelters Highway 80 Mission and House of Hope!

Thank you all for helping us in providing needed supplies to House of Hope and Hwy. 80 Mission for Women. We believe in putting faith into action!

2. Facebook Facelift

Adullam has revamped its Facebook Page. Please check it out and follow us.


3. We need your help

Do you have a talent for writing? We need writers for our devotional teams. If you have a calling, a voice inside to say something to the world please contact us at and let us know of your interest. When you contact us we can give you more information on how you can join the team.

He has risen!
Happy Easter!


Two Fish and Five Loaves is currently having a fundraiser for House of Hope Women’s Shelter in Longview Texas. We ask that you will donate to Two Fish and Five Loaves. You can give by pressing the gift button on the app or the donate button on the website. Please use the drop down button on the Fund section and select Two Fish & Five Loaves. We will stop taking donations for this specific drive on April the 14th. Much needed items will be donated on the 15th of April.

Continue prayers for the people of Ukraine. We believe God has always been a liberator and values freedom. We also pray for those who have suffered and have been displaced that Christ will comfort their hearts. The Resurrection is a reminder that we can rise.

Adullam is looking for bilingual speakers who can assist in developing content in Spanish. If you are interested please contact us at

If you have a talent or a skill that you would like to offer to the Lord please contact us. Adullam is in need of volunteers with a range of skills to help expand the Kingdom of God and pronounce God’s Reign. If you are a carpenter, a minister, a videographer etc. we need you please! Contact us at and lets talk about ways you can help.