My strength is in YOU

By YuLondra Wallace

Lord, Thank You for giving me the strength to step out on my faith knowing that I can soar with wings as eagles. Lord through my most difficult times, You not only kept me through those storms in my life, You gave me the room to grow in the mist of them. Lord, You gave me the strength to fight though it wasn’t easy. You gave me the wind beneath my wings as You did with the young eagles that grace the sky. Lord, once I learned how to spread my wings and take flight, I was able to fly and make it out of my storms. It was then that I learned that though the storms may get rough, I am strong enough to rise above them. Lord, You have taught me how to soar and grace the sky looking down on my circumstances, knowing that I will not be defeated by them. They will not define me. Lord as I continue to grow and spread my new- found wings, I will fly higher and higher. When I come down to rest for awhile and begin to take flight again, I will know that it was You flying right next to me the whole time leading me. Lord, You have been teaching me not to allow the storms to overcome me but to overcome my storms with Your Grace. Thank You Lord for soaring not only with me but right beside me one storm at a time.

To You Lord be the Glory!

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