Love and Forgiveness

By: Antwone O’Quinn

Would you like more meaningful relationships? How would it make you feel to walk into a room and everyone’s face lights up, or to be consistently loved, respected, and even honored? Yes, this is possible and yes, it will require something from you – love, and forgiveness. Love and forgiveness have an interdependent relationship.

It is very difficult or impossible to love beyond the threshold of our forgiveness. Therefore, to the extent we forgive ourselves is reflective in our ability to forgive others which fulfills the second greatest commandment that is to love others as we love ourselves.

Jesus does not keep a record of wrongs. Why do we?

So how do we become the object of love? First, be aware of self-talk. Be gentle with yourself in your in failures and acknowledge even the smallest successes. Then extend this same kindness to others. No matter where we are in life we are still learning, so be patient with yourself. You will not always get it right but mastering patience with yourself removes the barriers from expecting perfection from others. Lastly, when someone hurts, angers, or offends us we must intentionally forgive. Forgiveness frees us from the bitterness of being wronged. Therefore, forgiveness is really for us.

Sowing love and forgiveness will always yield more love and forgiveness.

Mark 12:31 and 2 COR:13

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