Let God lead your choices

By: Briana Webster

I recently made one of the hardest decisions in my life. As I talked it over with a few of my closest friends, I kept saying people are going to call me crazy! Can you believe it? I was resistant to make a decision that would bring me much peace because I was too concerned about the opinions of others. After much prayer and meditation with God, I was strong enough to make the right choice. Yes, people questioned me and looked at me crazy, but I felt no need to explain my crazy faith decision to small- minded people. There will be times in life where you will have to make those hard choices. The question is what’s leading your decisions? Are you more concerned about what others will say or what God says? The word says when we are servants of Christ we are not to be concerned with pleasing people. When you start to trust in God and seek his approval, it frees you from the stressors and anxieties that this world can bring. I challenge you to seek God’s approval not man!

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