By: Cathy Morrow

As a divorced mother of three, I constantly worried about the smallest of things.  I stressed over things that hadn’t even happened yet. I always tried to stay two steps ahead of the next problem. No matter how I tried to plan out my life, there were things that happened that I had no control over.

With my back up against the wall, I began to give thanks to God for everything that was going right in my life. Everyday I gave thanks for the here and now such as waking me up, being able to walk, talk, eat, and drink. I even gave thanks for my problems because through them I would receive my blessings; whether it be a learning blessing or an open door. I guess I was so focused on how good God is that I stopped magnifying my problems.

I challenge you to write down 25 things that you are grateful for daily and you will eventually move beyond just being grateful for yourself and your family. Living a life of gratitude counters fear, stress, anxiety, worry and depression. It’s a game changer!!

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