Everything Rises and Falls on Belief

There’s a quote I have on my wall that reads, “The devil’s primary purpose is to separate man from God.” Satan has many different tactics in which he tries to accomplish this, one of which is unbelief. Satan thought bringing suffering into Job’s life would cause him to curse God. He took everything from Job, except the one thing that would cause him to turn his back on God, and that was Job’s belief. “Everything is possible for one who believes,” says the Lord. Job, having kept his faith, didn’t lose his belief in God. He was able to block out the disbelief from his family and friends. He received double the blessing because his belief allowed him to weather the storm. What storms are you currently going through that may be challenging your faith? Ask the Lord to strengthen your belief that you may continue to fight. Read the following passages for encouragement.

Mark 9:21-23

1 Timothy 4:10

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