Enduring The Storm of Covid-19.

Early one morning in the fall of 2019, I was sitting in my living room watching Good Morning America.

The reporters were talking about a deadly virus that was killing people in China. The virus was

reported to be, highly contagious, and cities were considering shutting down while people were

ordered to quarantine in to stop the spread of the virus. The CDC said there was no cure or vaccine

available. Cruise ships were docked out in the ocean with travelers infected on board. The cruise

liner officials could not get authorization to dock at near by cities. I was terrified about what I was

seeing; it was like looking at a horror movie! Little did I know that this virus would cause me so much

pain, sorrow, and heartbreak. COVID 19 made its way to the United States in 2020 and killed so

many people, affecting the lives of families all over the United States. My son- in- law, Bobby West

Jr., was a hard-working man that loved his family and community. He was a servant to all and he

was a God-fearing young man. He was a girl’s dad who loved to cook and just enjoyed his family.

Bobby lost his dear sister, Janell Byrd, to COVID 19 in the spring of 2020. They were very close. He

was devastated! Bobby was grief stricken and was unable to attend her funeral due to Louisiana’s

stay at home order. He had to endure the loss of his sister in so much distress. July of 2020, Bobby

reported to work healthy, feeling fine at Pilgrim’s Pride as a safety coordinator on Monday evening.

 Unfortunately, by the end of the week, he became sick and went to the hospital. Bobby tested

positive for Covid 19 with Pneumonia in his lungs. We prayed and prayed! I began to contact other

believers to pray, but God took Bobby home to be with him. Bobby died a horrible death passing

away at the age of 35. This storm was raging very strongly in my family. Later, I got sick with COVID

19 in November of 2020, and it was tough on me because I had diabetes, high blood pressure, and

pneumonia. God delivered me out of the eye of the storm! I was at a peaceful state because of the

Holy Spirit that dewelleth inside of me. God had me covered, and I made it through the perfect

storm. In February, around Valentine’s Day, my daughter (Bobby’s wife) and their daughters felt ill

and all three later tested positive for COVID 19. Amazingly I was calm because the Lord had

prepared me through a sermon that I had previously preached on Mark 4:35. The sermon was titled

Jesus Is Your Peace and the Word of God carried me through. I didn’t even panic after my mother

tested positive for COVID 19 the same week. I kept the faith and trusted in the Lord as He continued

to bring us through the storm! The Covid 19 experience brought a lot of pain, suffering and hardship

to not only my family but to millions across the world. Many cities had to shut down non-essential

businesses, and most of the churches decided it was best to go the virtual route or stream live on

social media outlets. I thank the Lord for his love, grace, and mercy. I could not have made it without

him. We, as believers, are going to go through storms of life but just hold on and trust in the Lord,

and he will carry you through any kind of storm. Joshua 1:9 says, “Be strong and of a good courage;

be not afraid neither be dismayed for the Lord thy God is with the withersoever thy goest.”

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  1. We continue to walk, continue to stand firm no matter the circumstances because who is there to turn to but God! Holy Spirit, give me the strength I need to trust my Lord and Savior always.


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