My strength is in YOU

By YuLondra Wallace Lord, Thank You for giving me the strength to step out on my faith knowing that I can soar with wings as eagles. Lord through my most difficult times, You not only kept me through those storms in my life, You gave me the room to grow in the mist of them. … Read more


By: YuLondra Wallace Lord, I want to take the time to Thank You for giving me the chance to inhale You into my lungs and exhale all of the toxic things out of me. It is a blessing to be able to take in life and think on how much I am truly blessed. Lord, … Read more

They Did It to Jesus First

By: Shanice Boyd I don’t believe there is a person alive who hasn’t dealt with hurt brought on by another whether intentional or by mistake. Often when we are dealing with difficult people who can hurt us or publicly shame and embarrass us, we feel alone in this suffering. However, we must remember we are … Read more

The Lord Is Your Helper

By: Marilyn Kero Brothers and Sisters, I am writing to you today to bring you some words of comfort in these dark days. I want to remind you that the Lord is your helper. Psalm 54:4 states, “Behold, God is my helper; The Lord is with those who uphold my life.” What a blessed assurance … Read more

Saddened and Hurt

By Lily Shawhan This week was particularly difficult for me.  The mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas hit me hard, and this being the last week of school was already an emotional time as I prepared to say goodbye to my students for the summer.  As a teacher, I feel blessed to work … Read more

Peace and healing

My husband has memory lost and, as always, I pray God’s will be done. However, He is in control and is able to heal all things. I believe Jeremiah is right when he says there is there nothing too hard for God. Please agree with me in prayer for healing 🙏🏽

God’s Perspective

By: Sheila Webster Are you looking at the chaos taking place in the world today from God’s perspective? The believer’s heart should be steadfast and not easily shaken by difficult circumstances. Psalms 112 says, we are not to be afraid of evil tidings because our heart is to be fixed and trusting in the Lord. … Read more

Love and Forgiveness

By: Antwone O’Quinn Would you like more meaningful relationships? How would it make you feel to walk into a room and everyone’s face lights up, or to be consistently loved, respected, and even honored? Yes, this is possible and yes, it will require something from you – love, and forgiveness. Love and forgiveness have an … Read more

Believe in your Heart

By: Denise Hamilton Life can steal our ability to overcome our daily battles. Having the support of those who believe in God can give us the strength to stand and fight today’s battles. Staying focused on our failures will not prepare us for a victory, or happiness. Society tells us not to conform to a … Read more