By Randy Webster

Please read Matthew 14:22-33

Franklin Roosevelt said, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” Fear is a powerful force that often holds us back from reaching our dreams and fulfilling our potential. Instead of venturing out and taking a chance, we choose to stay in areas of our lives that make us feel safe and comfortable. In the Gospel of Matthew, there is an incident recorded where the disciples had gone ahead of Jesus and attempted to cross over the sea of Galilee but were caught in a storm. While attempting to traverse the perilous storm, they encountered the Lord walking on top of the sea. Jesus comforted the frightened twelve by saying, “it is I be not afraid.” Only Peter had the courage to ask if he could come out and share this adventure with Christ. I imagined the others thought Peter are you crazy, stay in the boat. God did not tell Peter to stay in the boat because it is too dangerous. Instead, Jesus said come. I want to challenge you to think of what area of your life have you been avoiding due to fear. I can assure you that your God is standing amid your fears beckoning you to come, to step out of the boat and have the courage to trust that He’s got you. Whatever you have been avoiding, I know it is scary and failure can mean catastrophic consequences, yet please know your freedom, financial stability, healing, peace of mind, and maybe a hundred other things that I fail to mention are more important than your fear. Remember you are not stepping out of the boat by yourself. You are stepping out where Jesus is, a realm that requires courage and faith.

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  1. Stepping out of our comfort zone is a sign that we are Spiritually maturing. We do this by Faith that the Holy Spirit will lead us into these opportunities.


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