Love and Forgiveness

By: Antwone O’Quinn Would you like more meaningful relationships? How would it make you feel to walk into a room and everyone’s face lights up, or to be consistently loved, respected, and even honored? Yes, this is possible and yes, it will require something from you – love, and forgiveness. Love and forgiveness have an … Read more


By: Randy Webster Becoming a parent is the most serious responsibility a human can have. What makes parenting have so much gravitas, is you are responsible for an entire life, and you spend the next 18 years, – (well let’s face it for some of us 25 years), teaching this child all you know. Although … Read more

God’s Perspective

By: Sheila Webster Are you looking at the chaos taking place in the world today from God’s perspective? The believer’s heart should be steadfast and not easily shaken by difficult circumstances. Psalms 112 says, we are not to be afraid of evil tidings because our heart is to be fixed and trusting in the Lord. … Read more

Wisdom In Restraint

Have you ever found yourself in an intense argument or witnessed one? It is easy to let emotions get away from us and drive our conversation if we are not willing to do as James 1:19 instructs; “You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.” This scripture wants … Read more

Just Be Grateful

By Lily Shawhan Choosing to have a heart of gratitude honors God and blesses you.  When you are living with a grateful heart you will experience more joy in your life, and you are more of a joy to be around with those who are a part of your life.  God blesses us with good … Read more

The Power of Your Thoughts

By Marilyn Kyere The Bible teaches about the power of the mind, our thoughts and how we can transform outcomes by what we think. As Christians, we can sometimes get distracted by current events around us and forget that focusing on the word of God will bring us the peace we need. In Philippians 4:8, … Read more

Is Love Something You Do?

By Briaina Webster With February being the month of Valentine’s, I must admit… I’ve been a little tied up with the word Love. I’ve been pondering on Love and what the scriptures say about it. A couple of days ago, I joined a group called Meaningful Conversations. One of the topics discussed was titled “Is … Read more

Do I Really Love You?

By Gwen Boyd When I was growing up, there was a popular song called “Can You Stand The Rain.” This song talked about loving someone when it doesn’t look or feel good. We’ve all had someone in our lives who has hurt us. This could be a friend, a spouse or a family member. When this … Read more


By Antwone O’Quinn The most beloved people are the most loving people. However, love requires a cost that we may or may not always choose to pay. Love demands self-denial and endures many forms of hurts and wrongs. The motivation to love should stem from our desire to be a pleasing aroma to God aimed at what … Read more

Love Train

By Randy Webster The O’Jays was a group who sang a song called “Love Train”. We can come up with many metaphors to describe love. However, what do we really think love is? In western culture, we view love as a feeling with common phrases used such as “I love you or I love that … Read more