Are you a growing Christian?

By Sheila Webster

It should be our goal, as believers, to grow spiritually. Spiritual growth does not come with age or the length of time you have been saved. It varies with different individuals and does not happen automatically. It is a gradual process, and we are not able to produce the character of God on our own. The children of Israel came out of Egypt as adults, but it was obvious they lacked maturity. The word use in the Bible for maturity is “perfect.” We know there is no one perfect but Jesus Christ. Therefore, the word “perfect” has reference to being mature and not being sinless. We, unlike the children of Israel, have the help of the Spirit of God living inside of us to grow. Ask yourselves “am I taking advantage of all God has afforded me as his child?”

Let us cooperate with the Holy Spirit to help us mature and not fall short of His expectations. Don’t be satisfied with just being a Christian; pray for growth and be prepared for service in the Kingdom of God.

2 thoughts on “Are you a growing Christian?”

  1. “Am I taking advantage of all God has afforded me as his child?” Such a great question that makes you check in with yourself and be honest about where you are in your walk!


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